Top 5 Books to Use for Writing Higher Psychology Assignment

Top 5 Books to Use for Writing Higher Psychology Assignment

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour and students across the globe pursue psychology as their major and professional field. What makes it interesting to study is that it allows you to obtain insights and explanations for why people behave the way they do. Many students want to study more about this field through books, journal articles, blogs, and web pages. To assist students in their psychology assignments and writing, books are the best source. Students can use these books to help them write their higher psychology assignments and bring scientific rigour to their writing. Experts of a top assignment writing service will discuss here about the top 5 books for writing higher psychology assignments. These books will help you gain knowledge about the subject.

5 Books to Use for Writing Higher Psychology Assignment

Your psychology courses already have compulsory textbooks that you must use. Other than that, there are some excellent psychological books available to help you with your research. If you are struggling to find some best books other than your course books, then check out my list of the finest Psychology books. These books can be used to study Psychology for a college course or to gain in-depth knowledge about the subject.

I’ve compiled this list of best books for psychology students. You can use these books to improve your grades and increase your understanding of psychology. These books cover a wide range of topics, from how to do well on school tests to the history of psychology. Following is the list of  Top 5 books to use for writing higher psychology assignments:

Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior by Dennis Coon, John O. Mitterer and Tanya S. Martini

This book incorporates a tried-and-tested reflective curriculum. It also includes the SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Reflect, Review, and Recite) framework for teachers and students. Authors usually expect that students can adapt this technique for effective studying. They can explore psychology ideas and the multitude of issues relevant to today’s world. In a communicative way, it uses active learning techniques. These techniques are interwoven with examples and stories that discuss recent research.

It is a comprehensive book that helps students in writing their psychology assignment. It also shows how you use research in psychology. This book fosters critical reasoning and problem-solving by presenting facts about psychological ideas. The authors want students to succeed beyond their classroom and use their textbooks so that they can be a motivating factor in their accomplishment; however, this book does not provide an in-depth analysis of research topics.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: 7th Edition

This is a must-have book that students use in writing their psychology assignment. As a psychology major, or even if you are pursuing it as a minor subject, this manual will come in handy when writing psychology assignments, lab reports and research articles. So, every student must have this publication manual. Purchase this book early in your academic career and use it while doing psychology assignments. You can also use it for reference while you are ready to submit your research papers, and other academic projects.

Psychology 5th edition by Saundra Ciccarelli and Noland White

This book aims to demonstrate how psychology can be applied in everyday life. Its goal is to assist students in learning while also keeping teachers connected. The book’s self-assessment portions enable students to check their understanding. As a result, the educator’s time will be freed up to help students with difficult subjects. The authors designed this textbook for college psychology students. It is by far the most student-focused and assessment-focused Psychology book.

It includes appropriate learning goals based on the APA (American Psychological Association) guide. According to the American Psychological Association, undergraduate instructional strategies should guide students throughout the curriculum. However, many reviewers mentioned that this book is biased and has missing chapters. Also, one had to buy the digital resources separately for the book which is a drawback.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat: And Other Clinical Tales by Oliver Sacks

This is one of the most famous and oldest books that psychology students can use. It encompasses clinical examples and neurological disorders that students can read and know how to identify which case relates to which disorder. This book, designed by a neurologist ‘Oliver Sacks’, is a must-read for psychology students. The author delves into clinical cases of people suffering from neurological illnesses. He provides a fascinating and serious look at neurological issues. Some psychology books are written for those with a solid understanding of the subject. Thus, this book is suitable for anyone new to psychology.

Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications by William Crain

Developmental psychology is an interesting and crucial aspect of behavioural studies. Everyone wants to know how human development takes place. This book can be used to assist students with their psychology homework. This book discusses the ideas that underpin developmental changes as well as how to apply these theories into practice. Also, this book is still regarded as an excellent introduction for people interested in the subject of developmental psychology.

Crain’s book divides into 18 chapters examining the lives and achievements of twenty-four important developmental psychologist theories. The book begins with a brief outline of theorists’ contributions to the topic. These contributions follow the description of the origins of childhood psychology and the nature/nurture controversy. The book explores the beliefs of famous psychologists and theories. It also discusses their contributions to the field of Psychology. If you are new to the topic of developmental psychology, this book will introduce you to all the most essential people and theories related to developmental psychology.


These are the top five books to use for higher psychology assignment writing that will benefit both students and teachers. You can check one of these books the next time you are stuck on a psychology assignment.