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Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour and students across the globe pursue psychology as their major and professional field. What makes it interesting to study is that it allows you to obtain insights and explanations for why people behave the way they do. Many students want to study more about this field through […]
We all know about the importance of communication in academia. It enables the students, and teachers in exchanging information through a formal way. But the question is how can we implement communication models effectively in our academia? Let me be more specific by asking how can we implement SMCR Model of Communication in academic life? […]
Introduction: On January 31st 2020, The UK confirmed its first coronavirus case. Since then, the country is witnessing an increase in positive cases. The prime focus of the UK government is to save lives. In this regard, it is taking drastic measures. On March 23rd 2020, the UK government announced its first lockdown. Like other […]
We call this world a modern world because of the advancement in technology and use of digital and electronic devices. New generation cannot imagine about big and heavy mobile phones and video games like Sega, Nintendo and Atari. In last 10 years, electronic world has been changed completely. Now children love to play with gadgets […]
In case you are being interested in taking your business to the online platform, there is no time like the present. We live in a brilliant age of wealth. As much as the media attempts to praise the perils of our society, we live in a period that is ready with opportunity and the potential […]
Even though it has managed to become the major strength of a majority of businesses in the current times, cloud computing continues to suffer from issues that become a problem for its smooth operations. In some rare cases, these issues have even affected the way through which cloud computer benefits its users. Energy crises is […]
Education is the most essential part of everyone’s life. It has given very much importance in every part of the world. But there are so many people in different countries that can’t get proper education due to having less financial support. The best part is there are so many helpful support programs that can help […]
According to academic experts, small breaks of 5 to 10 minutes are vital for refreshing but long breaks like holidays or summer vacations break the study tempo of students. After vacations students find it hard to get back to study. For example, when students return to school or college after the summer break of almost […]
The word freedom has multiple meanings in different contexts. When we talk about freedom in academics, it means that both teachers and students have the freedom of gaining and delivering knowledge without any outside pressure, interference, and restriction. It also means that both teacher and student have to freedom to express their views regarding their […]
If you are getting panic attacks just by thinking about writing your dissertation all by yourself, you are not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of students who suffer from this great feeling of anxiety and stress as they feel that the dissertation writing task is too much for them and they will not be […]