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From Owners of WritersMania.org
Date: Friday, March 19, 2010.
RE: Your Freelance Writing Career

  • Do you wish to add few extra bucks to your monthly paychecks since you are sick and tired of working 9-5, only to be rewarded with more work, a miserable salary and no recognition for your efforts?

  • Are you an educated and talented housewife who wants to contribute along with your husband for the better future of your kids without depending on someone else to take care of them?

  • Have you completed your studies a couple of years ago but yet to find a rewarding job?

  • Have you gracefully retired after a long career but still want some cash at hand to buy gifts for your grandchildren?

  • Are you still studying and want to earn a few bucks along with your studies so your friends stop calling you “stingy” or “frugal”?
Listen up..

We used to be exactly like you.

Until we discovered how easy it is to build a freelance writing career and start printing our own paychecks. We´ve never looked back since.

Freelance writing is one of the easiest, fastest ways to start earning real Internet income.

We know for a fact that most people are skeptical about freelance writing. Although hundreds of ordinary people like you have built successful writing careers with us, and a thousands more are starting theirs as you´re reading this, you may still be asking yourself "Can I do this?"...

What Freelance Writers Say About WritersMania.org?

"I am making more than Rs/- 100,000 on average per month working as a full-time freelancer since the last 18 months"

Before joining WritersMania I was working in the “Daily Mashriq” as a sub editor, an esteemed and widely published and read news paper in Punjab. I had to work pretty hard to manage the news coming to my desk.

The job used to start at 6 p.m in the evening sharp and I had to stay in office till the master copies were sent at around 4 a.m. in the morning. There were no holidays and even no time to lift my head off the news sent to me for editing. However, the monthly salary I used to get was just equal to what I get now from WritersMania in just ONE HOUR.

The first salary I received was almost equal to my usual monthly salary at the newspaper but was promising because I completed the first assignment in a few days. So, after I got my first salary, all of my family members celebrated it and I got a new laptop so I could deliver the assignments on time.

After receiving just two pay cheques from the Writers Mania, I decided to quit my newspaper job and devoted my full time for freelance work as every salary I used to get was almost double than the previous month’s salary.

At present I am making more than Rs/-100,000 per month on an average
(equal to 1200 USD per month)
and this is indeed a very attractive income to get through working from home, without any tension of going to work, facing hostile boss or the risk of termination. I complete my assignments according to my own schedule and pick the assignments at my own will.

I do recommend WritersMania.org to all my acquaintances looking for a reliable and profitable work at home earning source.  

Niaz. A. Shakir
Sahiwal, Pakistan

"My average monthly income varies around 10-12k (PKR)…"

I am Mariam Fatima and currently I live in UAE. I started writing for WritersMania.org sometime back in 2006 after stumbling upon their website through internet research. I started writing as I had free time then and I wanted to utilize my skills and obviously wanted some extra money.

The professional look of the website persuaded me to signup and I was dealt by some English guy who explained the whole procedure and was a good administrator I guess his name was Micheal (don’t remember for sure) as soon as I finished my first assignment he sent me the payment to build my confidence and from then onwards I received my payments on time so I never had this problem of considering it a scam.

My average monthly income varies around 10-12k (PKR) and considering the time I dedicate to WritersMania.org, that is a good return of my efforts.

Mariam Fatima
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Here´s What You´ll Get Working For WritersMania.org…


You can work for us no matter where you live as long as you have computer, an internet connection, and a phone. You can live with the South Pole (Antarctica) or Hawaii and still have a lucrative freelancing career. You home will be your office.

Have you ever wanted to live in some other country but your job and family obligations keeping you stuck at the same place??

Freelancing gives you the freedom to take your family or just yourself and live wherever you want as long as you have a phone, internet connection and a computer. You can work at the comfort of your home or take your laptop to work outside while having coffee or tea.



Making your own hours does not mean loafing around all day. It means having the self discipline to set aside a certain number of hours that you work each day.

But as the “BOSS” you get to decide what those hours are…


That way you can pick up the kids from school, have lunch with the spouse, go to shopping when its not so crowded and never have to make that horrible rush-hour commute.

  1. Nobody would inquire you if you take an extended lunch break or watch your much loved TV show or listen to some music in between your work.

  2. You can even check your e-mails or visit facebook to entertain yourself without being questioned by anyone.

  3. When doing a freelance work you also do not have to shilly-shally when you want to go on a holiday.


The only thing that you have to worry about is delivering quality freelance work to get even more work.



Being a freelancer means that you get to set your own prices for what your time is worth.

“No more waiting years for the salary raise that may never come.”

As you become more proficient and widen your skills-set, you can DOUBLE and TRIPLE your earnings as you see fit.

As you saw in the above testimonials there are several people making more money freelancing with WritersMania.org than doing a desk job. The amount of time you will spend with WritersMania.org is directly proportional to your earnings.



Once you pass a preliminary ENGLISH WRITING TEST, your account will be created where you have to read the training material consists of guides on “how to write particular type of assignments and how to use WritersMania.org effectively to make more money



Selection of work is another benefit of freelancing works. There is no compulsion whatsoever. You can choose from a variety of freelance writing projects like:

  • Presentations
  • Programming work
  • Mathematical work
  • Technical writing
  • Production of reports
  • Job application letters
  • Drafting of documents
  • Creative writing projects
  • Proofreading, editing and
  • Marking customers’ work
  • Resumes writing and a whole host of other freelance projects



There is no restriction in the number of freelance assignments you can take up at the same time. You can take up multiple projects at the same time and get paid for all. This increases your chance of earning significantly providing you dedicate the required amount of time to complete the multiple projects with quality.



We also offer “BONUSES” on picking orders that are urgent or none of the writers have picked. Again a chance to add more to your bottom line.


Monthly Paychecks (No Monthly Minimum and Courier Fees)

Many Freelance writing companies set a monthly earnings limit to send payments as well as deduct the courier charges. But here at WritersMania.org, even if you have just earned Rs/-1,000, we will send your check without deducting any courier fees.

You will receive your payments on a monthly basis through a cross check. (This offer is only for Pakistan)

We also send payments through Western Union all over the world after deducting Western Union fees.



At WritersMania.org, you do not have to worry about the bond with the Company or working your notice period when you want to leave. There is no long term commitment you need to fulfill.



  • Save Money on Transportation: If you work from home, you may not even need a car altogether. This can save you Rs/-2,000-4,000 a month depending upon the car you have plus the costly gas or petrol, and the maintenance expenses.

    Simply not taking the bus will save you Rs/- 1,000-1500 per month in bus tickets or passes. Perhaps the biggest money saving advantage from working at home is the transportation cost savings.

  • Save Money on Food: One of the biggest expenses working from an office is on food. Once you start eating out, it’s very hard to stop! Not only that, but just walking around stores and boutiques during breaks, you are more likely to spend money that you normally wouldn’t if you were working from home.

    Plus, at home, you can get home-cooked lunches which is by far more safe and healthier. So not only you save money, but you eat healthier as well.

  • Save Money on Medical Expenses: When you eat out you are exposed to unhygienic food and you are likely to get sick. This may not only increase your medical expenses but hurt your job badly. By working at home you are less likely to get sick because you will be eating hygienic home-made food and traveling a lot less daily in the polluted air. Hence you are not in need of medication or doctor visits as frequently when you are doing 9-5.

I am convinced and I want to sign-up for a FREE membership


In the case of freelancing the cost is minimal. As you have read earlier, you just need some general items like a computer, an internet connection and a phone to get started.

After you have the materials needed to be a freelancer, your greatest cost will be your TIME and EFFORT. The best part is you get to decide what your time and effort are worth.

Here’s is something to consider…
“You should Not QUIT your day job immediately and hope to make Rs/- 50,000 next month. Instead, start slow and work your way to making the money you want.”

If you are making the equivalent of your full-time job and you have too much freelance work to do, then decide to freelance full-time and QUIT your day job. If you work hard this process can happen rather quickly.

So, don’t be discouraged, the jobs are real, the money is real. The only investment is the amount of time you are willing to invest.
"Nothing-To-Lose Guarantee"
You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose…

We know for a fact that your membership with WritersMania.org is going to blow your mind away because it is absolutely FREE and you can make more money than you can imagine. We do not take a single rupee for membership like many other freelance writing companies on the internet.

Now you really have nothing to lose…

Look at it this way: You can join now, take a look at the information we give, and see for yourself if it´s worth pursuing. It´s like a "trial" - if you can’t make money, what’s the heck? You don’t have anything to lose instead you will have some insights about freelance writing which may help you in future sometime.

So go ahead, click on the link below to sign-up as a member for FREE and we´ll see you on the other side.

Yes, I Want To Sign-up Right Now!!
I understand that by becoming a member of WritersMania.org, I´ll receive everything I need to start my freelance writing career, based on expert advice and proven-to-work templates.

P/S: If you've ever wondered if it's possible to make a full time income online with freelance writing, we strongly urge you to create your membership to WritersMania.org right now and start getting paid monthly through cross cheque.

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